Dog mess hanging from trees in Kirkintilloch

Dog bags.
Dog bags.
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SELFISH dog owners have been savaged by an angry dad after a shock discovery

Brian Sewell (45), from Kirkintilloch, was collecting litter on a path beside the River Luggie with his children when they came across bags of dog mess hanging from trees and dumped in bushes and on grass verges.

Brian says he was totally disgusted by the find, especially since dog bins were recently installed at either end of the path, and believes they could pose a serious health risk.

The dad-of-three said: “These people should have a reality check and get rid of these bags properly. They are putting people’s health at risk and aesthetically it’s disgusting. It’s as if they are growing on the trees now.

“They must feel as if they are doing something right by bagging it but it’s going to last forever now its in a polythene bag. If you’ve spent the effort of bagging it why not just bin it.”

Brian’s family and his neighbour carry out their litter pick every year at Horses Field on Bankhead Road and this year extended it to include the new path, collecting 15 bags of rubbish in total.

East Dunbartonshire Council now intends to install another bin on the pathway.

A spokesperson said: “We are pleased this has been brought to our attention. We currently have two bins along this particular footpath and on further inspection of the area we have decided to install a further bin.

“We would encourage all dog owners to use the bins provided and not dispose of filled bags with dog waste in bushes or on grass areas as there is a potential health risk to the public.”