Dog mess link to youngster’s eye infection

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Dog mess not picked up by its owner could have contributed to a little girl suffering from a bad eye infection.

The four-year-old fell ill after taking a regular stroll with her gran around Whitefield Pond in Lennoxtown (pictured above).

The youngster was treated at Yorkhill Hospital and luckily is recovering.

But her gran has urged irresponsible dog owners to clean up after their pets.

She said: “I take my granddaughter to the pond every week for walks. It’s terrible with dog mess.

“She’s always picking up sticks. Her mum took her to the doctor and she was sent to Yorkhill Hospital. They gave her antibiotics and sent her home, but her eye became worse and they took her back in.

“She was on an IV drip and antibiotics. When I asked if it could have been caused by dog mess they said it could have contributed to it.”

The gran added: “I have a dog myself and I’m constantly cleaning up after it. I would urge other dog owners to do the same.”

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