Don’t delay, get it checked out!

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OCTOBER was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This week the Herald speaks to two brave woman who battled the disease.

It was through beating breast cancer that Margaret and Christina became friends.

The women both attend an open door group, which meets every month in Kirkintilloch, for those who have had the disease.

When Margaret (63) had a sore breast she never thought it would turn out to be cancer.

She was diagnosed in 2003. She went for a mammogram at the start of the year. However, the results came back that everything was satisfactory.

Still concerned, Margaret went to her GP who referred her to the breast clinic at Stobhill Hospital.

The gran, from Lenzie, underwent further mammograms, an ultra-sound and a biopsy.

After an anxious wait, Margaret was given the shocking news that she had cancer.

She said: “They said it was very new and very small. I had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes clearance.

“I was discharged and had to go back a week later to get the results.

“They said the result was very good, but they didn’t get a clear margin. There was still cancer there.

“I decided to have the breast removed and have reconstruction.

“I never expected anything to be wrong.”

When Christina (63) first found a lump on her breast she was sent to Stobhill Hospital, but by the time she got there it had disappeared.

Around two years later, the lump came back. It turned out to be a cyst and was drained.

Then, a few years later, Christina felt a lump and thought it might be a cyst again. However, this time it was cancer.

The Lenzie mum said: “I decided to go for a mastectomy and was put on anti-cancerous drugs.

“I was determined it was not ruling my life. I’m very lucky, it could have been much worse.”

Margaret and Christina met at the open door group, which meets every third Wednesday in Kirkintilloch Baptist Church.

Christina added: “We have chats and various speakers along about a range of different topics.

“Quite a few of the ladies have became friends as a result of it.”

Margaret and Christina have urged women who feel anything wrong with their breasts to get it checked out.

Margaret added: “No matter what it is, a pain or soreness, or lump, go and get it checked. The earlier you do, the better the outcome.”

Breast Cancer Care Scotland, in partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, is delivering an end of treatment programme - Moving forward: living with and beyond breast cancer.

The four week programme is aimed at people within two years of finishing treatment and examines some of the issues that may affect you and aims to provide information, support and professional guidance on how to adjust to life after treatment.

Sessions will be run at Stobhill Hospital, from Thursday, November 8, 10am-1pm.

For more information about the programme, and other events, and to book your place call 0141 353 8330 or email