Don’t let vulnerable people suffer abuse

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If you think someone is vulnerable and in danger of abuse - possibly from a supposed carer - tell someone about it.

That’s the advice North Lanarkshire’s Adult Protection Committee is giving on the eve of Adult Protection Awareness Day tomorrow, highlighting the fact that some people are at risk of abuse, mental or physical, from others.

Those causing harm may be strangers, or people who target those they believe to be more vulnerable.

It can also be people in positions of trust, such as family members, or those supposedly providing care and support.

And abuse can also be emotional, financial, or not ensuring privacy and dignity - all adding up to misery for the victim.

Rab Murray, chairman of North Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee said: “

“If you have concerns about a vulnerable adult then we want you to take action.

“With one email or anonymous phone call to your local council the situation will be checked out and support given if needed.

“It may be nothing, but there’s no harm in being sure. Remember, if someone is causing harm, they may be causing harm to others.”

He advises contacting any local social work service office; our out of hours number on 0800 121 4114; Police at 101 or visit