Driver sees red over traffic lights ‘chaos’ at Townhead

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AN ACCIDENT waiting to happen – that’s the warning from a driver who fears traffic lights are changing too quickly.

Bill Rodger has raised concerns about the lights at the four-way junction in Townhead, Kirkintilloch.

The 64-year-old says he has seen accidents almost happen because the lights for drivers coming from the roundabout at New Lairdsland Road change to red and then instantly change to green on Industry Street and Townhead.

Mr Rodger said: “The lights change pretty rapidly and it’s not giving cars enough time to pass through.

“It’s a serious accident waiting to happen. I’ve seen a few near misses.

“I’m very wary of the lights, but if you get a stranger using the road, they could be caught out.

“I contacted the council about it six months ago and they said they were going to increase the time span of the lights by three seconds.

“I phoned them again and they said they have logged my complaint.

“If I don’t see any improvement in the next week I will be phoning the police about the lights.”

However, East Dunbartonshire Council said it has installed a new traffic system at the junction to improve the flow of vehicles.

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “Last month the council installed a new SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique) system at Townhead lights.

“The new system was installed to improve the flow of vehicles through the junction, so drivers are not held up long at the lights.

“So far the junction has been moving well, although we have noted Mr Rodger’s comments and will continue to monitor the situation on the ground.”

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