Drivers being forced to hedge their bets due to overgrown bushes

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TIME to cut back ... to increase safety in Bishopbriggs.

That’s the message from fed-up drivers, but they don’t want the council to save cash – they want the council to trim back overgrown trees and bushes.

A worried motorist from Bishopbriggs says that the problem is being ignored by East Dunbartonshire Council - despite constant complaints.

She told the Herald: “Cars negotiating the junction of Wester Cleddens Road and Angus Avenue can’t see anything because of the bushes.

“I think there’s already been one minor accident there, but I’ve been calling up the council for months and nothing has been done.”

The anxious householder is also concerned about the junction of Kirkintilloch Road and South Crosshill Road, where she says trees are obstructing traffic lights - causing drivers to accidentally run red lights.

She added: “I’ve called the council about these things in the past and they’ve always come out to sort them.

“Now they seem to be ignoring me - maybe it’s all part of the cost-cutting they keep on talking about.”

David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “Work is already scheduled to cut back the branches and vegetation at the Angus Avenue/Wester Cleddens Road junction.”

He added: “Concerning the Bishopbriggs Cross/South Crosshill Road junction, we did not have a record of this problem, but will now have this investigated and have any necessary remedial action taken.”

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