Drivers hit out after multiple ‘near misses’ at junction

The view from Kerr Street coming up to the junction
The view from Kerr Street coming up to the junction

Fears for the safety of motorists and pedestrians have been raised after a change of priorities at a busy town centre junction.

One driver said she had witnessed “nine” near misses and “a lot of road rage” at Catherine Street in Kirkintilloch.

Others said they are now avoiding the town centre altogether.

Suzanne Hunter warned motorists about the new road markings on public Facebook site Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch and Lenzie.

Dozens of people responded and there has been a call to East Dunbartonshire Council for signs to be put up warning of the change of priorities.

Suzanne posted: “Are you aware the lanes on Catherine Street have changed?

“The right lane is right only and the left lane is straight on only.

“I have just witnessed nine ‘nearlies’ and a lot of road rage as people haven’t seen the road markings.

“It is total chaos. There will be an accident soon. Or a big fight. this will cause a crash. They should have a sign to warn people about it.”

The new road markings appeared after work began on the shared space scheme in the town centre a couple of weeks ago.

Cowgate is closed to vehicles in continuous phases until August 2017.

Suzanne posted: “The road to the left is shut when you come from Catherine Street.

Col Hogan agreed with Suzanne’s concerns and said: “Lives are at risk.”

Motorist Evelyn Abernethy said: “I had a near miss as a women stepped out in front of my car at the junction the other night. Guessing she didn’t realise I was going straight on with the recent lane change.”

Fiona Abercrombie posted: “This is an accident waiting to happen. No warning signs that I noticed.”

While Martha Lochrie and Julie Beattie said they were avoiding the area altogether.

The Herald has contacted East Dunbartonshire Council with motorists concerns and is awaiting its response.