Drivers told that speeding on Kirkintilloch road could cost them deer

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MOTORISTS have been warned to keep their speed down on a busy road after deer were spotted wandering onto the carriageway.

Several Herald readers have spotted the creatures on Initiative Road, which was opened two years ago to link Kirkintilloch town centre with the motorway network.

There have been calls for more fences to be put up, or other action taken to stop the animals causing accidents.

One driver said: “You can’t actually prepare for a deer hitting your car.

“They are very unpredictable. It is not their fault that they have no road sense.”

But Patricia Stewart, chair of the Clyde Member Centre of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, said there was little to be done - other than drivers keeping their foot off the gas.

She said: “It’s up to motorists to be aware of the deer which have a right to be there as well. They need to keep their speed down, particularly since when there is a collision the car often ends up in as bad a state as the animal.”

David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “There are already deer fences along lengths of this road and we haven’t received any recent reports of deer causing near misses.

“We take road safety very seriously and if it becomes apparent that there is a particular stretch of road where there is an issue, we will investigate implementing measures which could include signs warning motorists of the hazard and additional deer fences.”

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