Drugs haul at HMP Low Moss

21.8.14 BISHOPBRIGGS. Low Moss Prison.
21.8.14 BISHOPBRIGGS. Low Moss Prison.

Prison guards at HMP Low Moss have recovered around £19,000 worth of illegal drugs from inmates in just over two years.

Figures released under Freedom of Information show sizeable quantities of Class A and B substances were seized by staff between March 2012 and June 2014.

A significant haul of cannabis was also found, along with almost 5,000 assorted pills.

The Scottish Prison Service insist they invest heavily in stemming the flow of drugs into prison while also providing support for inmates trying to cease their habits.

A spokeswoman said: “The Substance Related Offending Behaviour Programme is available and designed to provide the opportunity for medium and high risk offenders to address their substance-related offending behaviour.

“It has a rolling format design with essential and optional modules that are tailored to the individual’s specific treatment needs, based on what individuals require.”

In just over two years, Low Moss staff recovered 133.6g of heroin and 55g of cocaine.

With an estimated street price of £70 and £40, respectively, the total Class A seizures is valued at £11,552.

Cannabis can range from £5 for resin and £10 for its herbal form, meaning the 330g recovered at the prison would cost between £1,650 and £3,300.

Low Moss staff also confiscated 4,796 ‘miscellaneous tablets’ during searches .

One of the most likely candidates is thought to be diazepam, which can warrant a street tariff of around £1 each.

Furthermore, a small quantity of drugs were also found on prison visitors with 428 pills, 56g of cannabis and 0.2g of heroin recovered.

Therefore, the total drugs haul at Low Moss values between £18,098 and £19,748.

The SPS added: “It is of interest to note that the most recent prisoner survey recorded that the number of prisoners reporting they have ‘ever used illegal drugs in prison’ decreased from 58% in 2001 to 38% in 2013. This suggests that progress is being made.”

A total of 79 weapons were found within the prison during the FoI time frame, with sharpened toothbrushes, detached razor blades among the most common types.

A cosh and two Stanley blades were also found, along with other Perspex, wooden and metal instruments.

“SPS takes a zero tolerance approach to violence in prisons. All violent incidents are reported to the police.

“Many of the weapon finds in prison are due to the diligence of staff and have not been used in acts of violence.”

Homebrew alcohol, made with fermented fruit, has also been recovered from inmates, with 160 items confiscated in 2013 alone. A further 15 seizures were made this year.