Dynamite claim over stone circle – it will take explosive to move it!

Duncan Lunan at Sighthill Stone Circle in Sighthill Park 30.6.10 Picture by Jamie Forbes
Duncan Lunan at Sighthill Stone Circle in Sighthill Park 30.6.10 Picture by Jamie Forbes
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AN under-threat stone circle in North Glasgow will be extremely difficult to move, its creator has claimed.

Duncan Lunan said he thinks the only option would be to use explosives on the 17 stones.

The Sighthill Stone Circle – hailed as a mini-Stonehenge – is the first of its kind in the UK for 3,000 years.

But its future is uncertain as Glasgow City Council want to transform Sighthill as part of a project to create an athletes village for the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.

The £250million regeneration will go ahead regardless of whether the city wins the youth games bid or not.

The council has said that the stones may have to be uprooted to facilitate tests for chemical contamination and have also proposed a walkway which would run through the circle’s current location.

But Mr Lunan has warned that the stones are partly encased in a submerged concrete arc.

He said: “They would need to get a very big crane up there to lift them. The only alternative I can see is to blast them out.

“At the time they were put in we were told that they wanted to make it impossible to get them out without using explosives.

“It’s a very big undertaking.

“If they insist on going ahead with tests, there’s plenty of room inside the circle. If they are going to do that, there’s an ideal opportunity to re-grade the circle.”

More than 2,000 people have signed a petition to keep the Stone Circle.

Duncan added: “We’re delighted with the support.

“In discussions we have had with the council, we have been told we have to demonstrate support from the local community. We can do that now with comments from people left on the petition.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council recently told the Herald: “It is too early in the masterplanning process to make any comment on the location of the stone circle.”

EXPLOSIVE CLAIM: Duncan Lunan is pictured at the Sighthill Stone Circle.

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