Eat my shorts - it’s The Simpsons - Kirky style

The Kirkintilloch Simpsons
The Kirkintilloch Simpsons

D’oh! Here’s how Kirkintilloch would look on a Simpsons set – courtesy of talented young graphic design student Scott McKenzie.

The 20-year-old included the town in his series of Scottish Simpsons style drawings – 
after being inundated with

It includes local landmarks like St Mary’s Church, Tantra night club and the 
Miners Club.

Scott said: “I have always liked to do daft drawings. It all started off with Springburn because it’s a bit like Springfield and then it just took off.

“I got so many requests to do a drawing of Kirkintilloch. I live in 
Kilsyth, so I know the area well.”

Scott posted his drawing on his Scottish Simpsons 
Facebook page and was 
inundated with likes and 

He said: “I ‘ve left it up to local people to decide who 
the characters are in the drawing!”

The Kirkintilloch cartoon design took Scott nine hours to fashion through taking 
pictures of local places and Photoshop on the computer.

As well as Kirkintilloch, Scott has also created a design for Milton of Campsie, which is on his Facebook page.

Scott said: “I’ve been asked to do towns up and down the length of the country.

“ I do a bit of research and find out, for instance, where people go to get their messages, where people hung about when they were younger - basically all the places people go.

“I always like to try to find something funny. I find people respond to that.”

Scott is hoping the popularity of his drawings will lead to a successful career.

He says he used to watch The Simpsons every day when he was younger but now no longer has the time because of his college work. His new found hobby creating drawings, which he does for free, also eats up his spare time.

He now hopes to set up a t-shirt design company and has some original ideas up his sleeve.

Scott added: “Humour is definitely the key to everything.”