New focus on closing attainment gap in schools

Education convener Councillor Maureen Henry.
Education convener Councillor Maureen Henry.

Scottish Government figures show East Dunbartonshire’s schools are performing above the national average in reading, writing, talking, listening and numeracy

But education convener Councillor Maureen Henry has told committee members children from all areas and backgrounds must “continue to flourish”.

The recent committee meeting heard about some of the measures being taken across the area aimed at closing the attainment gap.

Councillor Henry said: “We are proud to have some of the country’s top performing schools and while working to maintain that record we are also focused on supporting all pupils to achieve their potential.”

East Dunbartonshire’s schools are in the top six in Scotland, top four for writing, top three for in talking and listening, and top five for numeracy.

Councillor Henry said: “These standings show just how well our schools are performing but we want to see all pupils from all areas and all backgrounds continue to flourish. There is a lot of work going on in our schools to that end.”

A new team is working with schools to offer advice on how to support children with additional support needs.

This is in addition to all establishments being allocated staffing to work with young people to focus on closing the attainment gap.

Twenty teachers are part of Education Scotland’s Quality Assurance and Moderation Programme, which aims to help schools understand national standards and share best practice.

Meanwhile the council’s Primary Wellbeing Service and Secondary Wellbeing Service work with young people facing barriers to their education.