Election candidates have their say

Election countdown
Election countdown

The people of East Dunbartonshire will go to the polls tomorrow, Thursday, May 7, to vote for the person they want to represent them at Westminster.

After months of campaigning, pounding the streets and chapping on doors, D-day has finally arrived for the General Election candidates.

Here’s what the candidates in East Dunbartonshire had to say to the Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs Herald.

Ross Greer (Green Party)

If one thing is clear in this election, it’s that no single party will command a majority. This is a choice of who holds the balance of power. If elected as East Dunbartonshire’s Green MP I will never support a Tory government but I’ll do more than just oppose. I will work with Green colleagues to raise the minimum wage to a Living Wage, ending the taxpayer subsidy of huge corporations paying their employees poverty wages.

I will renationalise our railways, ending the failure of privatisation. I will also work for an end to austerity cuts and an alternative where we invest to create jobs.

Having been involved in local campaigning, I have a track record of helping to defend local schools, prevent supermarket expansion and improve young peoples’ participation. If elected, I will take that passion for the area I was born and educated in to the heart of parliament.

Andrew Polson (Conservative)

My motivation to step into the political arena has grown out of my desire to change society and local communities for the better. As an MP, my focus would always be on my constituents and the issues affecting their daily lives. Having been educated at Douglas Academy I want the opportunity to give back to an area which was pivotal in my upbringing and to where I am today. The Conservative-led Government has made good progress in five years in re-building our shattered economy but we need to finish the job. The choice at this election is clear. The core Labour and Lib Dem vote has mass migrated by the 1000s to the SNP here in East Dunbartonshire. Only the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party have the strength and determination to deliver a stronger economy, and a fairer society for the British people. Here in East Dunbartonshire Andrew Polson is the only candidate with a long-term plan and the only Unionist able to keep the SNP out!

Jo Swinson (LibDem)

Serving as your MP for the past ten years has been a great privilege. I grew up here, and have lived locally for the last 12 years, so I understand people’s concerns about everything from reinvigorating town centres to the dire state of local roads and pavements.

From fighting to save Bishopbriggs Post Office and for better services at Stobhill, to campaigning to create jobs with ‘Get East Dunbartonshire Working’ and a Jobs Fair in Kirkintilloch, I’ve always played an active role in our community.

Liberal Democrats in government have delivered lower taxes, higher pensions and more free childcare.

We want to go further with another £400 tax cut, more powers for Scotland and £800million extra for Scotland’s NHS.

Polls show it’s close here between me and the SNP. If you think I’ve been a good MP and want me to continue, please vote for me on 7 May.

John Nicolson (SNP)

This is an extraordinary election and voters have real power in their hands.I think people want more from their Westminster politicians.

Everyone I meet on the doorsteps tells me so. You may have voted Labour or LibDem at the last election. If so, you are probably surprised and disappointed by their support for tuition fees and more austerity cuts.

But there is a better way for East Dunbartonshire and for Scotland. Voters tell me that they like what the SNP Government has done at Holyrood.

At Westminster we will vote to end austerity cuts. We will vote for investment in growth and jobs, for free education, and to defend our much treasured NHS.

So if you want our budget protected by a strong team of MPs – and for Scotland’s voice to be heard loud and clear at Westminster - please vote SNP on Thursday, May 7th.

Wilfred Arasaratnam (UKIP)

The Kirkintilloch Herald was unable to contact Wilfred Arasaratnam.