Employers learn from example of offenders

Over 100 delegates took part in a a major event at HMP Low Moss, near Bishopbriggs, recently to discuss improving the employment prospects of prisoners on release.

The event was opened by the Chief Executive of the SPS Colin McConnell, who spoke to representatives from organisations committed to giving former inmates jobs.

Speakers included Matt Fountain who has teamed up with Low Moss to deliver their first community enterprise project, entitled Freedom Bakery - where offenders learn how to bake artisan products which are then sold to shops.

The event also brought back two individuals - former inmates Robert and Kevin - who had found employment following a period in custody.

A spokesperson said: “Their endeavours and honesty were warmly received by the hall, and further cemented delegates commitment, energy and focus on the delivery of these opportunities for offenders on release.

Low Moss and the SPS would like to thank all those organisations and individuals who have committed to working with us in the delivery of unlocking potential, transforming lives.