Protests ramp up against another major CALA homes development at Kirkintilloch

Opposition is growing against plans by CALA to build another major new housing development in the area.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 8:59 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 10:02 am
CALA wants to build at Fauldhead
CALA wants to build at Fauldhead

Both Lenzie and Waterside Community Councils have objected to the plans for 256 new homes to be built – 179 at a site at Old Duntiblae Road at Fauldhead and 77 on land at Chryston Road.

Gillian Renwick, Councillor for Lenzie and Kirkintilloch South, who lives nearby, has also voiced her opposition to the development, along with many other local residents.

The Herald revealed last month that CALA have lodged both planning applications with East Dunbartonshire Council.

The property developer claims the new development would create “a vibrant new community with dramatic views of the Campsie Fells.”

But residents are furious at the prospect of “yet more green space” being given over to builders.

In a strong letter of objection to the council, Councillor Renwick said the plans should be rejected based on the loss of amenity, design, environmental impact and access.

She wrote: “The Fauldhead and Market Road area has already had the addition of some 900-plus dwellings built to form Woodilee Village within the last 10 years.

"These were initially built on a brown field site, formally Woodilee Hospital, but spread out on to neighbouring green field sites to form what could be classed as a new village.

Ms Renwick added: "Each house has at least one vehicle, with most family homes having two cars, which has placed a considerable burden on Market Road, Calfmuir Road, Chryston Road, and in particular the B8048.

“Market Road, which has cars parked along the west carriageway for most of the day, would be the main route used by any new householders and does not have the capacity to cope with an extra 256-380+ cars.

"Calfmuir Road leading on to Menzies Drive have both seen considerable decay from the volume of traffic in the last 10 years – road surfaces disintegrating and regular repairs to speed bumps and pot holes. While these were originally maintained by the estate developer, they are now adopted roads, and repairs fall to the council at huge expense.

“School traffic predominantly use Market Road to access Kirkintilloch High School, Oxgang Primary, Holy Trinity Primary, Gartconner Primary, and Merkland School use Market Road. At peak times the traffic is backed up along the B8048 through two sets of traffic lights, a roundabout and all neighbouring streets.

She said: “The bridge over the Luggie Water has been closed for structural repairs twice in the last three years – can it physically take the road being used by 300-400 extra cars?”

She said the houses would be “densely packed together” and an increase in traffic will lead to a rise in noise and pollution. With no public transport provided in the Woodilee/Fauldhead area, despite promises by developers in the past, there will be a reliance on vehicles to access shops and community facilities.

The nearest train station is three miles away and nearest bus stop 1.5 miles. Local schools, doctors and dentists are at capacity, she said.

She described the impact on the local environment as “momentous”, with “the loss of green field land, the further erosion of the homes of resident wildlife - deer, bats, foxes, voles, and hedgehogs essential to the habitat.”

She added: “Areas of mature trees growing on the site for many decades “must be protected.”

East Dunbartonshire’s planning board will consider the application “in due course” after public representations.