Use your loaf – recycle your food waste

Residents urged to recycle more
Residents urged to recycle more

The amount of waste being thrown into domestic bins in East Dunbartonshire could be drastically reduced if more residents used the weekly food recycling service.

Around a third of rubbish being chucked into grey residual bins across the region is made up of food waste, which emits harmful methane gas once it breaks down in landfill sites.

A campaign to encourage residents to use the free service has now been launched by East Dunbartonshire Council.

Colourful leaflets explaining what can and can’t be recycled will be posted through letterboxes over the next couple of weeks, along with a supply of food bin liners.

The average household which does not recycle food waste is currently throwing the equivalent of £38 each month into the bin, so the campaign aims to get these residents participating in the food waste collection service.

Almost all dry food can be recycled, it is then treated before being converted into energy. Kitchen caddies and bin liners are provided by the council, the larger kerbside caddies lock to prevent smells, leaks and spillages and are emptied once a week.