European elections: list of candidates confirmed

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On Thursday, May 22, the people of Scotland will vote to elect six MEPs to represent them in the European Parliament.

As nominations for candidates closed and the list of people standing for election was announced, Local Returning Officer for the election and East Dunbartonshire’s Chief Executive Gerry Cornes, reminded local people to make sure they are registered to vote.

He said: “There’s not long now to register if you haven’t done so already. The closing date is Tuesday, May 6 so if you aren’t sure if you are eligible to vote or not, you should go now to for more details. It’s your vote, don’t lose it.”

The nominated candidates for the 2014 European Parliament elections are as follows:

Britain First

James Dowson

John Arthur Randall

Jayda Kaleigh Fransen

Geoffrey Clynch

Margaret Dorothy Clynch

Jane Susan Shepherd

British National Party

Kenneth McDonald

David James Orr

Victoria McKenzie

Angus Jim Matthys

Paul Brandy Stafford

Stacey Jayne Fleming

Conservative Party

Ian Duncan

Belinda Don

Nosheena Mobarik

Jamie Gardiner

Iain McGill

Stuart McIntyre

Labour Party

David Martin

Catherine Stihler

Derek Munn

Katrina Murray

Asim Khan

Kirsty O’Brien

Liberal Democrats

George Lyon

Christine Jardine

Richard John Brodie

Jade Elizabeth Holden

Siobhan Helenor Mathers

Euan Robert Davidson


John Odell Foster

Andrew Elliott

Murdo Maclean

Gail Morrow

Brian Smith

Richard Edward Veitch

Scottish Green Party

Maggie Chapman

Chas Booth

Grace Alice Murray

Alastair Whitelaw

Anne Katherine Thomas

Steen William Parish

Scottish National Party

Ian Hudghton

Alyn Smith

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

Stephen Gethins

Toni Giugliano

Chris Stephens

UK Independence Party

David Adam Coburn

Kevin Andrew Newton

Otto Inglis

Denise Mary Baykal

Hugh Hatrick

Malcolm George-Eric MacKay