Excellent HMI report for school

Milngavie Primary School
Milngavie Primary School

Milngavie Primary School and nursery’s recent HMI report is ‘extremely positive’ and ‘reflects the very strong practice within the school.’

The report, which follows an inspection in May this year, highlights key strengths including:

- Very polite, confident children who demonstrate a great appetite for learning

- Staff team who work well together to continually improve children’s learning experiences

- Use of the outdoors to promote learning across the curriculum and;

- Well planned approaches to support children as they move on to P1 and S1.

HM Inspectors recommended the following areas for improvement:

- Continue to develop and improve further approaches to support and challenge children in their learning

- Continue to develop and improve further the curriculum taking full account of Curriculum for Excellence guidance

- Continue to develop consistent and rigorous approaches to monitoring and tracking all children’s progress

The report also said: “Children in the nursery class and at the primary stages are happy, settled and enjoy positive relationships with staff and each other.

“Almost all children report that they are well cared for and enjoy being at school.

“Children at the primary stages are highly engaged in their learning. This is particularly evident as they respond to the challenges of their topics.

“Across the school, children are confident, polite and very well behaved.”

Inspectors added: “Children in the nursery class learn through a range of engaging play activities. They particularly enjoy their learning in the outdoor area.

“Children talk to staff about what they would like to learn and staff take into account the children’s interests.

“For example, an evolving interest in aeroplanes was fostered well by staff to stimulate and involve the children.”