Families led to safety in tenement blaze ordeal

The fire started in a tenement in Hawthorn Street,  in Springburn.
The fire started in a tenement in Hawthorn Street, in Springburn.

Two children and four adults were led to safety by firefighters after a blaze broke out in

a three-storey tenement building.

The fire, which resulted in significant damage to the flat in Hawthorn Street, Springburn, began when a discarded cigarette ignited rubbish in a bin.

No-one was inside the property where the fire started, but two women, two men and two children were led to safety from neighbouring flats.

They were assessed at the scene and one of the children received oxygen for slight smoke inhalation before being taken to Yorkhill Hospital for a precautionary check-up.

Fire crews from Springburn and Maryhill rushed to the scene last Wednesday, March 12, shortly after 7.20am.

Although no-one was seriously injured, fire chiefs said the incident should make everyone realise the danger posed by smoking materials and take action to prevent tragedies.

John McKenna, station manager at Springburn Fire Station, said: “Half of fatal house fires are started by smoking materials but a few simple steps would reduce the risk and prevent the deaths, injuries and deep emotional trauma that result from fires within the home.

“A cigarette end can smoulder for hours before eventually starting a fire that can quickly spread flames, heat and toxic smoke throughout a property.

“Thankfully this incident did not cause a tragedy but, even where no-one is hurt, house fires can cause immense damage and the loss of cherished possessions.

“We need people to ensure cigarettes and other smoking materials are always properly put out.”

There were 350 accidental house fires caused by smoking and smoker’s materials in Scotland last year.

“These were also the most common cause of the accidental fires where someone was killed.”

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