Families split over full school

Lenzie Moss PS 15.11.14
Lenzie Moss PS 15.11.14

Worried parents have called on education chiefs to step in after brothers and sisters were told they would need to attend different schools.

The Herald understand than numerous placing requests from parents to have their kids attend Lenzie Primary and Lenzie Moss Primary have been turn down – including at least three from parents who already have children at the schools.

One mum said: “One of the parents said that the reason given for turning down the placing request was that the can’t have another class of children at the school.

“They are giving us mixed messages though.

“One minute they are saying that they have to merge schools because of falling school roles and the next they are saying that there isn’t even room for the siblings of children already at the school.

“It makes no sense at all.”

And there are fears that the situation will worsen when the children move into a new school merging Lenzie and Lenzie Moss.

The parent explained: “There’s already no room and there’s still lots of families to move in to the Woodilee Estate and other developments.

“Are they going to end up redrawing the catchment area? If they are where will all the children go then? All the other schools are merging as well. It’s a mess.”

Director of education and children’s services, Gordon Currie, said: “Placing requests for children with siblings already attending a school are given the highest priority.

‘‘While these requests are granted wherever possible, it is not always possible to grant all of these requests, depending on the demand within the catchment area.

“Within the placing request policy, there is an appeals process. Parents who wish to appeal will be given the opportunity to present their case to an appeals committee. We are unable to comment further while this process is ongoing.

“In relation to the new build school in Lenzie, it has been necessary to restrict the intake into the two schools in preparation for the move to the new school in 2016/17.

“We have included in our projections capacity for children moving into the catchment area of the school.”