Fears for future of 50-year-old nursery school


Fears were expressed this week for the future of a 
Lennoxtown nursery 
which clocks up its 50th 
birthday this year.

The hut which houses Lennoxtown Playgroup and Creche next to the primary school is due to be demolished later this year.

Parents told the Herald they are concerned there will now be nowhere for their youngsters to go.

Ruth Terry, whose two grandchildren attend the nursery, said: “I heard the playgroup has to be out of the building by Easter. It would be awful if 
it closed. It is a fantastic nursery and very well used by 
parents for childcare.

“It has been part of the community here for 50 years.”

The playgroup, which has charitable status, employs four full-time nursery nurses as well as temporary staff and provides childcare for up to 60 children up to five-years-old.

Jaqui MacDonald, Chief Education Officer at East Dunbartonshire Council,
confirmed the building would be demolished but said the disruption to the playgroup would only be temporary.

She said: “We are working with the playgroup to provide improved facilities for them as part of our expanded 
provision for early years 
children within Lennoxtown. This involves expanding the nursery within the primary school over the 
summer, to provide provision from 8am to 6pm for 50 weeks per year. We will provide places for three and four-year-olds as well as some place for two-year-olds and need to extend the existing nursery building.

“We need to demolish some of the hutted accommodation and will 
refurbish them. The playgroup will benefit by having improved facilities. The work is extensive, it may be the playgroup will have to move to temporary accommodation from August to October.”