Fears over one-lane ‘madness’ outside busy school

KIRKINTILLOCH, Newdyke Road - traffic chaos outside St Flannan's Primary. Really bad for traffic turning in from Hillhead Road'Photo Emma Mitchell'25/1/13
KIRKINTILLOCH, Newdyke Road - traffic chaos outside St Flannan's Primary. Really bad for traffic turning in from Hillhead Road'Photo Emma Mitchell'25/1/13

TRAFFIC outside a busy Kirkintilloch school is down to ONE LANE due to crazy parkers, it has been claimed.

Newdyke Road, in Hillhead, is often gridlocked – particularly during drop-off and pick-up times at nearby St Flannan’s Primary School.

One local told the Herald: “This road is on a very busy bus route and because of cars parked – cars belonging to tenants and also cars belonging to parents picking up kids from the school – buses and other traffic are forced to drive on the wrong side of the road.

“Traffic turning from Hillhead Road cannot see the oncoming vehicles on the wrong side of the road.

“I fear it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident on this stretch of Newdyke Road.

“I have seen schoolkids crossing between parked cars to be confronted by a 10-ton bus bearing down on them and nowhere to go because the pavement across the road is fenced off.

“This is my biggest fear, that there could be a fatal accident.”

The 48-year-old resident added: “My car has been pranged twice – the mirror knocked off, and scraped and dented where another vehicle has cut in to avoid oncoming traffic.

“My neighbour’s car had the full back-end ripped off by a bus cutting in.

“Another nearby neighbour’s car was completely written off.”

It is understood there have been discussions between the council and Hillhead Housing Association.

Derek Cunningham, director of development and infrastructure at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “We are aware of the resident’s concerns and council officers have visited the location to assess the situation.

“We found the circumstances to be similar to many roads and areas near schools where inconsiderate parking is creating cause for concern through associated risks.

“While the council has little control over indiscriminate parking, which is a matter for the police, we have frequently reminded drivers of the dangers connected with this behaviour and asked them to be mindful when parking.

“In terms of what we can do physically to alleviate congestion, the possibility of parking bays for residents on adjacent land has been suggested, but this is in the ownership of Hillhead Housing Association.”

Councillor Stewart MacDonald said he had raised constituents concerns about parking and traffic congestion with Hillhead Housing Association.

Meanwhile, the Herald recently reported concerns over traffic outside Woodhill Primary, Bishopbriggs.

Reader Sandra Sawers has emphasised that at least three or four times a week there are a number of council bin lorries or other local authority units stopped in the street.

She added: “This morning at 9.10am there were two huge bin lorries parked about a metre from the ‘Give Way’ junction at Woodhill Road – bottle-necking the entire road.

“I had to reverse into the main Woodhill Road in order to allow an elderly driver out of the street.

“It is an absolute disgrace and I hope this is reported too. Maybe then parents will gain access to the street and the drop-off will be a bit quicker.”

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