Fears over speeding drivers as village limit goes up

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THE safety of children and locals could be put at risk if a safety barrier is not installed on a village road, fear worried locals.

Concerns have been raised about pedestrian safety on Antermony Road as it enters Milton of Campsie from the east side of the village.

Following a review of speed limits in East Dunbartonshire last year, it was recommended that the stretch of road be changed from a 30mph zone to a 40mph zone.

But concerns have been raised about the safety of pedestrians walking on the footpath beside the road.

Mum Debbie Cronin, who lives on Antermony Road, uses the footpath daily to walk her sons to school and nursery.

She said: “Most drivers when they see us do slow down, or move out a bit. But there is a blind corner on the road and that can be very scary. Drivers get a shock when they come round it and see us.

“I’m worried about the safety of my children. We’ve been told a barrier can’t be put all the way along the road as it’s too narrow. But even if it could be placed in some parts this would help.”

Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor Charles Kennedy has taken the matter up with East Dunbartonshire Council

He said: “There have been major accidents on Antermony Road. We can’t wait until there is a fatality. A staggered barrier along the route would be better than nothing.”

David Devine, the council’s head of roads, said: “When installing a pedestrian guardrail, guidelines normally require it to be set back from the kerb line by 450mm to provide sufficient clearance from vehicles on the road.

“However, this would reduce the footway in Antermony Road to less than 600mm in places.

“This would make it very difficult for mobility impaired and pushchair users to use the footway if a continuous length of pedestrian railing was installed.

“As such, the roads service is to revisit the situation to determine if alternative arrangements such as bollards might be suitable.”

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