Fed-up employees quitting in droves, claims insider

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FRUSTRATED home care staff in East Dubartonshire have been taking voluntary redundancy after a shake-up of working hours, it has been claimed.

The husband of one employee said that from September 17 staff could be asked to work seven days before getting a day off, as well as working some shifts until 11.30pm.

The concerned resident said: “My wife’s shifts are normally 8am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. I’m not happy about her working until 11.30pm.

“I told her to take the redundancy, but she likes her job and wants to stay.

“Some people have been in these jobs for 30 years. It’s going to cost the council thousands of pounds in redundancy packages.”

East Dunbartonshire Council confirmed that 35 workers have taken voluntary redundancy.

Ann Davie, head of customer relations and organisational development at the council, said: “We have been working with trade unions on a review of the service for the past 18 months and the new working arrangements will enhance the services that are already being delivered by home care.

“We have over the past few months had expressions of interest for voluntary redundancy and a further 35 home care employees have taken this option. The aim is to put the individual first by delivering responsive and flexible services which are tailored to meet each person’s individual needs and demands.”

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