Fed-up residents kick off over access road delay

Football club bosses have asked planning chiefs to scrap a condition designed to protect residents from traffic headaches.

Plans for Celtic Football Club’s Lennoxtown training centre included an access road from nearby Glen Road that was supposed to be built by housing developers.

But the downturn in the property market meant it was never completed by developers McTaggart and Mickel and, since the facility opened in 2007, the club have relied on a temporary order granting access via Station Road, Castle Road and Netherton Oval - all residential areas.

It’s led to complaints from residents who say they are fed-up with lorries and coaches driving down their previously peaceful roads.

With the access road no closer to being finished, Celtic have now applied to have ‘condition 12’ of their original planning application removed for good.

Several householders have now objected to the application.

One resident explained: “The continued use of Station Road, Castle Road and Netherton Oval to access the site is causing disruption to the residents. Furthermore, Castle Road and Netherton Oval are private roads.

“Regarding the access along Castle Road, this road is not wide enough for the sort of vehicles using it.

“Traffic frequently travels at excessive speed and often drivers are not courteous to the other users on the road.

“The road is not maintained and this extra traffic has left it with worsening potholes.

“The access proposed in the original plan would be a much shorter route using main roads and keeping this additional traffic volume away from residents and recreational users of the road.”

He added: “This is an accident waiting to happen and there have already been several near misses.

“The residents of Netherton Oval have put up with this temporarily, but why has the council not enforced the planned approved road, which gives access through the Glen Road?”

The matter will now be discussed at a future meeting of East Dunbartonshire Council’s planning board.

Diane Campbell, the council’s director of governance and regulation, said: “Celtic Football Club lodged an application with East Dunbartonshire Council on February 13, 2014, for removal of the condition in their planning permission that restricted access to the training facility.

“The application is currently under consideration and is available to view on our website.

“The deadline for anyone wishing to make a representation on the application was March 13.”

The council official added: “A decision will be made at the next appropriate planning board.”