Fight over loss of classroom assistants for North Lanarkshire

SNP's David Stocks
SNP's David Stocks

The SNP members on North Lanarkshire Council are seeking to prevent the loss of classroom assistants.

At the full council meeting on June 22 they will move for a commitment to maintain all current teaching assistant posts.

SNP Group Leader Councillor David Stocks said: “On Thursday, May 18 a Labour-Tory votes alliance set up a new council. Just 24 hours later, Unison stewards were informed of proposed job cuts. Unison members were told on Tuesday 23rd. The Council plans first cuts for 2nd June. It now takes just nine days to lose your post under the new Labour-Tory regime running North Lanarkshire Council.

“This appalling attitude to working people is completely unacceptable. There was nothing in the council budget about cutting classroom assistant jobs or ASNA jobs.

“Currently, the Council is attempting a smoke and mirrors operation to disguise these cuts by trying to cover up the distinction between classroom assistants and Additional Support Needs Assistants.”

North Lanarkshire Council’s education convener, Frank McNally, said: “The council takes absolutely no pleasure in making changes to the existing provision, given the excellent work done by support staff within our schools. However, the budget cuts received in recent years from the SNP government continues to have a devastating impact on our vital services. To put it into context, since 2007 £150 million has been cut from North Lanarkshire, £27 million in the last year alone. These cuts have to stop. The council has always sought to protect the key areas of education and social work.”