Film poster sparks public concern

Sex Tape poster
Sex Tape poster
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Bus stop adverts for a new Holywood blockbuster have been branded too risky by concerned parents this week.

Residents have blasted the number of ‘lewd’ town centre posters in Kirkintilloch for the film Sex Tape.

Concerns have been raised as to the sexually-suggestive nature of the ad and its overwhelming presence in the Cowgate area.

The poster, which features, lead star Cameron Diaz in her underwear, has been pasted across dozens of bus shelters in the town centre.

Some have hit out at the notion of allowing the saturation of sexual imagery at bus stops — many of which are used by local school children.

Euan Hutchinson, a father of four from Kirkintilloch, believes the advert sends a dangerous message to local youngsters.

He said: “I don’t think it’s really appropriate for young children to be sat at a bus stop for 10-15 minutes with this kind of imagery for company.

“I’m not a prude by any means, but it’s not right that it has been displayed for youngsters like that.

“I drove down the main street in Kirkintilloch and the poster was on four consecutive bus stops. I haven’t seen anything quite like that before; you can’t escape it.”

“You just have to look at events in America now with so many people’s lives ruined by this sort of thing.

“But the film seems to be down-playing the seriousness and misery of it all buy making it look more like a harmless giggle.

“Young people need to be a little more aware of the dangers of these things and not bombarded like this.”

The rules and regulations that govern advertising law in Scotland have become increasingly diffuse in recent years.

Local authorities retain the right to grant advertising space within town centres to advertising companies.

However, council’s cannot force the private company to remove any offensive adverts.

JC Decaux, the firm which operates the advertising boards on dozens of Kirkintilloch bus shelters, declined to comment on the matter.

The Advertising Standards Authority say they have received 23 complaints about ads for the film, with many saying it is ‘inappropriate for children’. The ASA are currently reviewing the complaints before deciding on further action..