Final call for uplift of old recycling boxes

A final collection of unwanted old recycling boxes is being arranged for week commencing July 1 for all those whose boxes were not collected last month.

Convener of Development and Infrastructure, Councillor Alan Moir, is aware that a number of residents still want their old boxes to be collected.

He said: “When our original contractor arrangements to collect the unwanted boxes ended, we were aware there were still unwanted boxes in the community and we have now arranged to collect these from households on week beginning July 1.”

Anyone who still has unwanted boxes for collection should phone Customer Services on 0300 123 4510 by Friday, June 28 and leave their name and address and the council will then arrange for them to be collected from Monday July 1.

If anyone has already made a call to Customer Services to advise they still have boxes for collection, they do not need to call again, as we already have a record of their request.

All those who want their boxes collected should leave them at the entrance to their property, where their bins are usually collected, from 1 July.

These will then be uplifted as early as possible during that week.

Anyone with any queries about any aspect of the new food waste collection and recycling and waste services should visit the council website at or call Customer Services on 0300 123 4510.