Fine time to take action on litter

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Litter louts have been hit in the pocket in a bid to clean up the streets, but more action has been demanded on dog fouling in East Dunbartonshire.

A total of 17 people have been nabbed dropping litter this year, with 28 complaints lodged about rubbish.

Hot spots flagged up to the Herald include Cowgate, Eastside, Peel Park and Bishopbriggs Park.

Councillor David Ritchie said: “I know that it is a very small percentage of people in the community who are causing this problem, but they seem happy to blight their own areas with litter, dog mess and general rubbish.

“This to me is not acceptable and it seems that the only way to deal with this is for the council to use the powers at its disposal.

“If it starts to hit offenders in the pocket then hopefully they will stop causing anti-social problems such as this in their community.”

Barbara McIntosh told the Herald on Facebook: “Just back from America where the fine for littering is $1,000. No litter anywhere. We should definitely apply higher fines.”

Paul Monaghan said: “I don’t even have a dog, yet I have to dispose of dog mess almost daily from my garden thanks to irresponsible dog owners. I don’t think the current system of fining dog owners is enough even if you catch them.”

East Dunbartonshire’s director of governance and regulation, Diane Campbell, said: “Littering is a problem which the council takes extremely seriously and it is also of great concern to residents living in East Dunbartonshire. Since the start of the year we have received 28 complaints about the issue.

“The litter in Kirkintilloch town centre is cleared first thing each morning, seven days a week and the public litter bins are also emptied daily, with additional visits taking place if required.

“Environmental wardens regularly patrol litter hot spots and monitor areas brought to our attention. So far this year we have issued 17 fixed penalty notices to people caught dropping litter and cigarette butts throughout the area.

“We are currently working with Clean Up Scotland and plan to run a local initiative in partnership with them in the near future to tackle environmental incivilities such as littering, illicit fly-tipping and dog fouling. By continuing to highlight this issue we hope that people living in East Dunbartonshire will take pride in their community and dispose of litter and cigarette butts responsibly.”

Anyone dropping litter faces a £50 fine. Irresponsible dog owners can be fined £40, rising to £60 after 28 days.

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