Fiona jets off for mystery Disney role in Paris

Fiona McCallum has joined the Disney Corporation
Fiona McCallum has joined the Disney Corporation

A talented young artiste from Stepps will board a flight for Paris next week – to star in several hit shows at Disneyland.

Fiona McCallum (19), pictured, is a graduate of the Jazzart College of Performing Arts, and this week saw a whole new career materialise before her eyes over just three whirlwind days.

She sped from successful audition to the signing of her contract - then news that she starts in Paris on Wednesday.

She is over the moon (or possibly even rainbow) at taking her first steps to an international performing career, but is no stranger to the stage.

Her previous roles include Spencer in Boogie Nights, Maria in Nine to Five, and ensemble The Bakewell Bake off.

She has been a popular teacher at Jazzart’s Performance Academy and outreach team too.

Now Fiona is part of Disney’s Princess Production but is sworn to secrecy about her casting.

She joins many fellow students from Jazzart College who are working on cruise, cabaret and musical contracts in the UK and worldwide.