Firefighters save baby from freezing car

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FIRE heroes rescued a 16-month-old baby trapped in a car in freezing conditions.

With rising concerns for the baby girl’s safety, firefighters smashed the vehicle’s window to gain access.

The ordeal started when the girl’s mother closed her driver’s door – with both her daughter and the keys accidentally still in the vehicle – and the automobile’s automatic lock activated.

The incident happened at around 1.30pm on Thursday, January 20, outside Auchinairn Primary School in Beech Road, Bishopbriggs.

Firefighters arrived from the nearby Bishopbriggs station, with temperatures plunging in a haze of icy fog.

Watch Commander Alan Rutherford of Bishopbriggs Fire Station said: “The mother was very upset and we were really concerned because the child was falling out of its seat, with the danger of her seatbelt winding round her neck.

“I used a ‘centre punch’, which stops the glass flying everywhere, on the window furthest away from the girl and was able to rescue her and give her back to her mother, who was very relieved and thankful.”


Watch Commander Rutherford said members of the public should never hesitate to dial 999 if they are in distress.

He said: “We are here to help people in many circumstances, not just fires. On this occasion we were able to successfully release a baby stuck in freezing conditions.”