Firefighters swoop in to save trapped bird

Fire crew arrives at the farmhouse
Fire crew arrives at the farmhouse

Firefighters were called out to a farmhouse in the Torrance area earlier this month — to rescue a crow from a chimney stack.

Resident Patricia Liddell had to call 999 when a crow fell down her chimney and got rapped in her kitchen loft.

She thought the bird would find its way out on its own but after two days of ‘screeching’ Patricia rang up Fire & Rescue to help free the bird.

She said: “I was hoping he would fly back out the hatch that I left open for him, but by Monday he was still screeching for his mum and dad.

“I called Kirkintilloch fire station and they put me on to Bishopbriggs fire station.

“But once I explained to the officer there what had happened, and that the firemen would have to go into the loft and try and get the bird, the officer said I would have to dial 999 and call it in.”

Patricia then rang up the emergency helpline and explained the situation again.

She said that within six minutes a fire crew arrived at the farm with ‘lights blaring’.

Five firefighters then spent the next 40 minutes searching for access to the stricken bird only to realise they would have to remove a section of Patricia’s kitchen wall.

She said: “The crow flew out the door and it’s mum and dad were onto him straight away.

“It was a good, if very unusual, start to the day.

“I live on a farm, so there are plenty of crows and other birds flying about all the time.

“This is the second time in four years that Bishopbriggs have rescued birds, both found in the same place.

“I just would like to say thank you to them for saving the crow’s life.”