MSP BRIAN Fitzpatrick has welcomed the decision to review the anti-bullying policy at Lenzie Academy, after the tragic death of teenager Nicola Raphael in June.

Mr Fitzpatrick said he was particularly pleased that the school will be reviewing its monitoring and reporting of incidents of complaints of bullying.

Following a meeting with Lenzie Academy rector Roddy McLelland, Mr Fitzpatrick also welcomed the plans to improve the existing mentoring arrangements.

He said: It is vital that a consistency of approach should be adopted. I will be pressing East Dunbartonshire Council to ensure that there are clearly delineated responsibilities across the authority for co-ordinating anti-bullying policy.

The MSP also highlighted school uniforms as an important feature in generating a healthy school ethos.

He said: I believe that school uniforms can play an important role in building self-esteem, helping identify which children belong to a particular school community.

John Simmons, head of education at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: The council made a commitment last month to conduct an authority-wide review of the systems in place in all schools to deal with allegations of bullying.

The review will consider anti-bullying policies in order to highlight areas which are working well and where improvement can be made, to make them more effective.

It is our aim that pupils across East Dunbartonshire have confidence in the system and feel that there are procedures in place which are working for them.

The review will get underway immediately and its findings will be reported to the convener of the council s education and cultural services committee.