Flat hunter offered ‘£450-a-month’ bathroom

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A man hunting for a place to stay was shocked when he answered one advert – and was offered a £450-a-month bathroom for rent.

Danny Andrews responded to an ad on a renting website offering a ‘small but cosy living space near Glasgow’s west end’, only to find himself taken to the smallest room in the flat.

Danny, 32, who recently moved back to the area from the United States, told The Sun: “It’s difficult to find a place to rent within budget. I went to visit one and when I got there it turned out that the landlord actually had a spare bathroom to rent out.

“When I suggested the room wasn’t suitable due to it being a bathroom, he argued that it is no longer a bathroom and even suggested I build a bed in the bath.”

Danny added that the landlord did offer to decorate the bathroom as the room was currently ‘undecorated’.

The advert on the PrideFlatmates website describes the bathroom as ‘perfect for university studentos or budget conscious professionals.’

The advert goes onto describe the room, in a flat in Archerhill Road, Knightwood as ‘slightly unconventional but viewing is advised’.

And the landlord’s message continues: “As the property has two toilets, and I have an en-suite bathroom, you will have access to your own personal facilities.

“The room really needs some TLC and I plan to put new flooring down and buy furniture as soon as I get confirmation that someone would like to rent.”

Danny, who posted a photo of the bathtub on Twitter with the caption: “A nutter tried to rent me a bathroom in Glasgow for £450 a month. He even suggested I sleep in the bath!”

Danny told The Sun: “I do see the funny side but I think it’s shocking that the current housing market means people have started renting out bathrooms.”