Flood chaos for dry cleaning firm

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A businessman in Muirhead says he will have to shut up shop because of flooding 
problems outside his dry cleaner’s shop whenever it rains.

John Martin says it is like a river outside his shop and his customers are being put at risk.

North Lanarkshire Council promised earlier this year to help remedy the problem faced by John Martin of 1 Station Road.

But according to Mr Martin, who has served local people at his shop for the past 10 years, the work they carried out has only made the situation worse.

He told the Herald: “The council are now refusing to fix the problem. Things have got worse instead of better because of the work they have done.

“I’m worried about my customers slipping and really hurting themselves because of the amount of water that collects here.”

He added: I am a taxpayer and they are simply not doing their job.

“It’s getting to the point where as a shopkeeper I am thinking about closing down.”

In July, Alex Ramsay, Assistant Business Manager, Roads Operations, said the problem was due to the capacity of the sewer, which was a matter for Scottish Water. He added the council however had agreed to help by carrying out work to the footpath outside the shop to divert some water away.

He said they were liaising with the contractor to ensure the work was carried out.

But this week Mr Ramsay said: “A formal detailed response to Mr Martin’s complaint is being sent to him.

“In general, the council has carried out extensive work at Mr Martin’s shop which has been successful in preventing water gathering on the public footway.

“We advised that to prevent water gathering in the private area outside his shop, Mr Martin should provide suitable drainage on his property. However this has not been carried out to date.”

Mr Martin responded: “I have received legal advice and the area they are talking about is not a private area. It is a public footpath.”