Flooding at Townhead, Kirkintilloch won’t be solved in my lifetime says Thomas (87)

Thos cairney, 102 Townhead
Thos cairney, 102 Townhead

A Kirkintilloch resident has said he holds no hope of the council fixing a drainage problem in his lifetime.

Thomas Cairney, 87, who lives in a flat at 102 Townhead, finds himself stranded every time it rains due to the poor pavement design.

And to make matters worse, Tom was told, and The Herald reported back in 2013, that work was due to start on rectifying the problem!

For the last 20 years, when he was much fitter, the retired coach builder has been doing the job of the council by cleaning out the gullies which allows rainwater to disperse, but he is no longer able to do so.

Mr Cairney said: “Although I’m no expert in drainage it’s plain to see the rainwater has nowhere to go since the kerb was raised by 18 inches around 1999 to facilitate the change to the layout of the road.

“The gullies are now weed gardens and completely blocked having never been cleared in years. I found an article from The Herald dated 2013 when the spokesperson for EDC assured everyone that work would commence in July of that year to address the problem. They must have forgotten to tell the roads department because it didn’t happen. Indeed, if you go back the newspaper archives of 20 years ago my father-in-law was featured detailing the very same complaint.

“Why they simply can’t fix the problem once and for all is beyond me.”