Flooding fears over new homes

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Flooding fears were 
expressed this week over a 
new £2.5m social housing 
development for elderly 
people at Chryston.

Independent Councillor Frances McGlinchey branded the site at Lanrig Road as “ill-thought -out” and said she was concerned about inadequate drainage facilities affecting neighbouring homes.

The 27 two-bedroom cottage council flats and bungalows were meant to be ready in August last year – but last week, tenants were still waiting to receive their keys.

Councillor McGlinchey said the delay was down to a debate over a Sustainable Drainage System which she says is not good enough.

The Green Party member originally objected to the site for the houses and has called for an investigation.

Councillor McGlinchey told the Herald: “We desperately need these types of houses in the area for the elderly but this was ill-thought out.

“We have a problem with drainage in this area and need to look at how we can do these things better.

“The site is at the bottom of a hill and there is already a problem with surface water coming down off the moor. I fear houses nearby will be affected and at risk of flooding.”

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency had originally objected to the site in January 2014 due to a lack of information about drainage.

A spokesman said: “SEPA were keen to understand what measures would be put in place to ensure surface water run-off from the site was adequately treated prior to being discharged to the local environment.

“After consultation with North Lanarkshire Council, further information was provided and SEPA officers were satisfied the required treatment of surface water would be provided, and the objection could be removed.”