Floody hell for Lenzie residents

Gadloch flooding at Loch Farm, Lenzie 8.4.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
Gadloch flooding at Loch Farm, Lenzie 8.4.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes

FEARS that homes could be flooded are rising ... along with the waters of the Gadloch in Lenzie.

Worried residents are calling for action to be taken amidst fears their homes could be flooded.

The call comes just weeks after the Herald revealed the rising waters of the Gadloch, in Lenzie, were encroaching on the nearby golf club.

It’s believed the flooding is partly duw to a damaged underground drainage tunnel.

The scenic golf club has been slowly engulfed over recent months as a suspected blockage in the tunnel leading from the Gadloch to the Parkburn has caused the loch to spill over and creep more than 200 metres onto the fairways.

Now residents say they’re worried that the large amount of surface water at the Gadloch could see the flooding spread into the nearby Westergreens and Pineview areas and flood houses.

Westergreens resident Barry Grant said: “This happened over 20 years ago and all the houses in the area were flooded.

“If they don’t do a slow release on the water then there’s so much there it could happen again.”

Barry (35) has lived in the area his entire life.

He added: “There’s just such an alarming amount of surface water.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “Scottish Water is not aware of any issues with our infrastructure that might be related to potential flooding in the area.”

Caledonian Properties, who own much of the land surrounding the Gadloch, were unavailable for comment before the Herald went to press.