Floody hell – there’s got to be something done!

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A BUSY road keeps getting hit by flooding – prompting calls for cash to be splashed!

Recent heavy rain fall saw a massive puddle return again to one side of Lochend Road, in Gartcosh.

Motorists fear the flooding, opposite Johnston Road, is a safety hazard.

A driver who uses the route regularly said: “The road is constantly flooded whenever there is heavy rain. I know work has been carried out in the past to try and prevent this from happening, but it has clearly not worked.

“Cars are having to drive through a mini-lake. It’s a real safety hazard, particularly at night when unsuspecting drivers hit the flooded area.

“This is a really busy stretch of road at peak times. Surely something can be done to sort this ongoing problem once and for all.”

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council said: “The drainage system at this location flows into a ditch and eventually into Johnston Loch, and we have cleaned out the ditch on several occasions to ease the situation. We will investigate the matter further to try and find a solution to the flooding.”