Floody hell - Waterside hit by sewage and deluge

Davey Morton in his flooded garden, Taig Road'Photo Emma Mitchell'29/11/11
Davey Morton in his flooded garden, Taig Road'Photo Emma Mitchell'29/11/11
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DISGUSTED residents watched in horror as gardens became swamped with raw sewage.

Jackie Scott and her partner Davey Morton were just two of the people affected by the extensive flooding in Taig Drive, in Waterside.

The ordeal began on Friday, November 25, when they noticed a small amount of sewage in the garden.

The trickle became a torrent over the weekend, with Scottish Water workers admitting defeat when they attempted to clear the drains as torrential rain lashed down.

A distraught Jackie told the Herald: “I am absolutely devastated.“We spend so much time in the garden as a family and now it’s ruined.

“You spend so much money and time making it look nice and then something like this happens - you wonder why you bother.

“The decking, the barbecue, the furniture, my granddaughter’s Wendy House - they’re all covered in raw sewage and are completely ruined. Even the climbing frame will have to be thrown out now - that cost £150.

“It’s all very well getting compensation, but I just want the garden back to the way it looked before and for this to have never happened.”

According to Scottish Water experts the flooding was caused by a drain blocked by construction debris from a nearby building site.

The problem was then exacerbated by heavy rain leading to overflowing drains.

A Scottish Water spokesperson told the Herald: “We understand the developers have undertaken to clear the problem as quickly as possible.”

The Herald understands that the development is a joint project between East Dunbartonshire Council and the Link Housing Group - with construction company CCG currently on site.

A spokesperson said that East Dunbartonshire Council were aware of the problem, adding: “This is an issue that the new housing developer CCG, Scottish Water and Link Housing Association are investigating and resolving.”