Floody hell – what’s going on...

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HOPES are high that road bosses are on the case at last to tackle ongoing flooding problems on a busy road.

James Beattie (67), from Kirkintilloch says, even in moderate rain, the flooding on Kilsyth Road is so bad that it is impossible for pedestrians to avoid getting splashed by passing traffic.

James says the continual flooding has damaged a wall outside his house and ruined plants in his garden.

He said: “This is something the council should be dealing with. The drains are not coping with the water. My wall looks as if it is being eroded because of the water and most of the plants in the bed at the front of my house have been destroyed by dirty water splashing up on them.”

Councillor David Ritchie, who has raised the issue with the local authority, said: “I have been in touch with the roads department on a number of occasions but, as of yet, they have been unable to resolve this. However, I know they are on the case and I hope it will be sorted quickly.”

East Dunbartonshire Council says the problem is being caused by the shape of the road rather than drainage.

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “The council has established that the problem is due to a very shallow depth of surface water which collects in the wheel track during periods of rainfall.

“Although the amount of surface water is slight, its correction would entail extensive reshaping of the carriageway.

“As such, any repair of this nature would require to be assessed and considered in terms of the wider road maintenance needs in East Dunbartonshire Council. Although the matter is being considered, it’s not currently contained within the existing roads maintenance programme for immediate action.”