Fly-mo theft of lawnmowers, Kirky to Australia for a tenner and storm winds – it’s Window on the Past.

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TRAVEL into the archives of the Kirkintilloch Herald...

50 YEARS AGO - January 23, 1963

LENZIE Academy rector George Young denied he had initiated a tough ‘clamp down’ on pupils refusing to wear school uniform.

Several pupils and parents had contacted the Herald about what they felt were ‘draconian’ measures taken by the rector to encourage uniform clothing.

Fourth-year pupil Ethel Laurie said: “I was taken to the rector when I refused to stop wearing my own scarf in favour of a school scarf.”

Gordon McArthur, a fifth year pupil, added: “This isn’t a fee paying school so there should be no compulsion to wear uniform.”

Mr Young said: “The school has no authority to impose any kind of ban on pupil’s dress. We simply said that we would like to see everyone at the school wearing a uniform. At present most of them do in some shape or form.”

AN advertisement for a canteen assistant at Kirkintilloch’s new swimming pool attracted “no fewer than 35 applicants”.

40 YEARS AGO - January 24, 1973

A TEENAGER was set to emigrate to Australia for the bargain price of a tenner.

Alex Mackie (19), from Kirkintilloch, had been given assisted passage by the British Boys’ Movement which, with the support of the British and Australian Governments, helped select young men to settle in Australia.

The fare for his flight to his new home in Sydney, with stopovers in Singapore and Hong Kong, was only £10. To reserve his place he also had to send a further £25 to the Boys’ Movement, refundable on his arrival.

Alex, who would be given a government job, had to write to his parents once a month letting them know he was well - or risk an investigation into whether he had been getting into trouble.

AN inmate of Low Moss Prison, in Bishopbriggs, was given an extra 30 days sentence after breaking out of the jail when he only had nine days left to serve.

30 YEARS AGO - January 26, 1983

CRAFTY thieves helped themselves to more than £1,000-worth of garden tools after breaking into the local Parks Department headquarters in Kirkintilloch.

Six Flymo lawnmowers were taken from the premises in Woodhead Park - all completely new and still in their boxes.

The raiders also took a chainsaw and a portable generator.

Parks and cemeteries manager Gordon Haggart said: “Fortunately we are insured for this sort of thing but it is a blow to us to lose this sort of equipment in the present financial climate when it’s hard enough to come by without people stealing it.”

It was the second theft from Woodhead Park in recent months - previously thieves had taken a number of valuable tropical birds from the park aviary.

A STUDENT was desperately pleading for the return of a folder of revision notes which was stolen from a car in the Woodhead area of Kirkintilloch. The unfortunate scholar only had two weeks left to study for her exams.

20 YEARS AGO - January 27, 1993

STORMS brought chaos and fear to the streets of Kirkintilloch as gale force winds battered Strathkelvin. The fire brigade were inundated with calls as roofs were ripped apart and masonry toppled onto pavements.

In Townhead a chimney fell onto the street, blocking the busy road for eight hours.

Meanwhile an entrance to Woodhill Hospital was closed due to falling roof slates and uprooted trees.

And several lock-up garages in Banks Road were torn apart by gusts.

A fire service spokesperson said: “We were called to various location but fortunately there were no reports of casualties despite the dangerous conditions.

“Ironically we returned to find that the wind had extensively damaged our training tower.”

ROB Roy stormed to the top of the league after a 4-1 thrashing of Port Glasgow.

10 YEARS AGO - January 29, 2003

HUNDREDS of campaigners took to the streets of Bishopbriggs in a bid to save services at Stobhill Hospital. The peaceful protest attracted people from all parts of East Dunbartonshire, as well as North Lanarkshire and Springburn.

Following a march from Bishopbriggs Cross, a rally took place in the War Memorial Hall.

Speakers included former Springburn GP Jean Turner and East Dunbartonshire councillors Billy Hendry and Charles Kennedy.

Dr Turner called on Health Minister Malcolm Chisholm to come to the ‘coalface’ and see how vital Stobhill Hospital was.

Councillor Kennedy said: “Anger against the health board plans is deepening and those in political office will have to reflect on that very carefully.”

WORK started on a controversial £500,000 unit for young homeless people in Kirkintilloch’s Industry Street.

Did you know?

SINCE the East Dunbartonshire Council area was created in 1995 there have been four council leaders. The current leader, Rhondda Geekie, is the longest serving.

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