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Billington's Ice cream parlour. Ad Feature' Sue and Mark Billington'Photo by Emma Mitchell'21/1/14
Billington's Ice cream parlour. Ad Feature' Sue and Mark Billington'Photo by Emma Mitchell'21/1/14

In this week’s column Mark Billington talks about low calorie wines and beers.

Mark is co-owner of Billington’s of Lenzie – the Lenzie business which has landed a number of prestigeous prizes since opening, including winning BBC Good Food’s Glasgow delicatessen of the year prize.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, many of us will be looking for ways to shed a few pounds. As we all know alcohol can be highly calorific, imagine my delight when I came across ‘Skinny Booze’ low calorie wine and beers,perfect for enjoying a night out or a night in without worrying about ruining your diet. Whether you’re a fan of red or white, you can enjoy a guilt free glass of wine. We have sourced a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough as well as a Merlot – both amazing.

SkinnyBooze is the first and only company in the UK to specialise in the distribution of low calorie alcohol. So if you are interested in saving calories whilst still enjoying an alcoholic drink then we have found the products for you. This gives the best option when the only compromise is calories.

Unlike other low calorie wines and beers, these have the same alcohol percentage, same great taste, but fewer calories.

A standard bottle of Merlot has around 850 calories, which is a diet-demolishing number that could ruin the best of diet days within hours. To put that into perspective, to burn off a bottle of wine you would have to run for one hour at high intensity. We now stock a low calorie red wine which has just over 600 calories which means you can enjoy a glass of low calorie wine without tipping the scales too much, or if you prefer low calorie beers too.

Our Moosehead Light beer is one of our lowest calorie drinks at just 112 calories per bottle compared to 153 for the regular one. The Moosehead Light combines the great flavours of the regular Moosehead with fewer calories. We also have Moosehead Light Lime, a very popular low calorie alcoholic drink that’s very refreshing and is just 118 calories a bottle.