For sale – beautiful loch, one previous owner...

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A BEAUTY spot on the outskirts of an East Dunbartonshire village could soon have new owners.

Caurnie Angling Club and Campsie Outdoors both want to buy Antermony Loch, in Milton of Campsie.

Cash-strapped East Dunbartonshire Council asked Caurnie Angling Club, as sitting tenants, if they wanted to purchase the loch.

The fly-fishing club has leased the loch since 1943 and has invested thousands of pounds in developing facilities.

However, Campsie Outdoors – which has lodges, a visitors centre and a shop behind the loch – also want to buy it.

Caurnie Angling Club was formed in 1925 from the amalgamation of other local clubs, including the Kelvin Valley and Kirkintilloch angling clubs.

Roger Hughes, secretary of the Caurnie club, said: “We are one of the most successful angling clubs in Scotland and have 234 members.

“In 2005 the council looked at selling the loch, but after visiting and examining how the club runs it they decided it was best left in our hands, and we signed a 25-year lease.

“Members have raised money to purchase the loch in a very short timescale. We are a community club and are not-for-profit.

Jim Curtis, owner of Campsie Outdoors, told the Herald that he had talks with the council back in 1997 about possibly managing the loch.

He said: “The council was really supportive of everything I was doing. Our plans were to open the loch to the public and hold events.

“I approached the council recently when I heard about the possibility of it being sold.

“We would aim to bring the national casting, European and possibly the world competitions to the loch.”

Grace Irvine, East Dunbartonshire Council’s head of assets and property services, said: “The council has received correspondence from both Caurnie Angling Club and Campsie Outdoors in relation to the sale of Antermony Loch and will be considering the matter at a future development and infrastructure committee meeting.”

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