Force firms to dig deep if they tear up local roads

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COMPANIES who do not restore roads properly after digging them up should be hit in the pocket.

That’s the view of East Dunbartonshire Council, which has welcomed the first major consultation on Scottish roads for a decade.

It also supports greater co-ordination to ensure areas are not unfairly and repeatedly hit by roadworks.

Convener of development and infrastructure, Councillor Alan Moir, said: “We are pleased to be taking part in this consultation and our view is that changes can be made to some of the legislation around roadworks and around aspects such as summary offences and financial penalties to those who do not reinstate the roads to an acceptable standard following works.”

The consultation is set out in six areas:

• The road network as an asset

• Time taken to complete works

• Compliance and enforcement

• Review of other current and proposed legislation

• Co-ordination of works

• Issues not covered

Councillor Moir continued: “We believe the current legislation on roadworks does not go far enough to support us as the roads authority in ensuring that others who carry out roadworks in East Dunbartonshire leave the roads in an acceptable state.

“Our feedback alongside that of the other roads authorities will shape any changes made to roadworks legislation. The consultation includes proposals to improve the quality, planning and co-ordination of road works in Scotland, which we welcome.”

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