Forced out by lack of parking

Bearsden Cross. Chris Rossi got two parking tickets while parking near his flat.
Bearsden Cross. Chris Rossi got two parking tickets while parking near his flat.

One resident in Bearsden Cross is getting so fed up that he can’t park outside his house in Douglas Place that he plans to move away.

Chris Rossi (33) says East Dunbartonshire Council has failed to provide residents with parking spaces near their homes.

He has been given TWO £30 parking tickets for leaving his car in the Roman Road car park, which now charges for parking, because there were no spaces near his home.

He says at times he has driven around for one and a half hours to find a space and that he’s “had enough of it”.

He said: “My street gets filled with cars because people want to avoid paying the charges in the car park.

“This forces residents out of a space and restricts them access to their own property - despite the fact that we pay £50 per year to park near our home.

“I spend about three to five hours per week hunting for car parking spaces.

“The council has forgotten to do basic research to create an adequate plan to make sure there are enough parking spaces available 24/7 and in close proximity to our homes.

“We shouldn’t be forced to park any more than 100 to 200 metres away.”

Mr Rossi also alleges that nothing is being done about cars that park on double yellow lines or double park - which means that spaces are being blocked.

He added: “It’s terrible that residents are being made to feel like criminals for simply wanting to park outside our own homes.

“I don’t want to carry on living here now, this has become a nightmare.”

Deputy chief executive Thomas Glen, said: “Residents living in certain areas of East Dunbartonshire can apply for a parking permit at a cost of £50 to cover administration fees.

“The parking permit allows a vehicle to be parked on specific streets or car parks stipulated on the permit but does not guarantee the use of any parking bay.

“If a permit holder parks in any car park other than the designated car park, or on-street in an area other than that displayed on the permit, they must comply with the on street restrictions or a pay and display ticket must be purchased for car parks.

“Roman Road car park is pay and display only and a valid ticket must be displayed in vehicles parked there between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.”