Former River City star Libby McArthur tells a packed hall in Kirkintilloch why she is voting Yes in the referendum

Popular Glasgow actress Libby McArthur with Blair Jenkins of the Yes campaign
Popular Glasgow actress Libby McArthur with Blair Jenkins of the Yes campaign
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Former River City star Libby McArthur voiced her support for Scottish independence at a packed public meeting for the Yes campaign in Kirkintilloch.

The popular TV actress joined Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins at the event in Kirkintilloch High School last week which drew in more than 100 local people,

Glasgow-born Libby told people devolution had been good for Scotland and independence “will be even better”.

She said: “We’ll be able to connect the wealth of Scotland with the priorities of the people of Scotland.

“That means investing in jobs and our future, not wasting £600 million on things like nuclear weapons or the House of Lords.

“Scotland is one of the top 20 wealthiest nations on the planet and that tells us we can choose independence with confidence.

“Independence won’t be a magic wand, but it is the necessary first step if we are to make Scotland the sort of country we all know it can be.

“We’ll have all the powers we need to ensure Westminster’s health privatisation agenda can’t damage our NHS. And we’ll be able to use the full powers of a Yes to create job opportunities for young people in Scotland, enabling them to build careers and families close to home.’

“A ‘Yes’ is a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect the things that matter most to people in Scotland. We can have Scotland that works for the many, rather than a Westminster system that only works for the few.’

Yes Scotland’s Blair Jenkins told the crowd a No vote was a risk to the health service and would fail to deliver job-creating powers.

He said: ‘In these final days of the referendum, people are realising the once in a lifetime opportunity a Yes vote represents.

“With a Yes we can make sure our nation’s wealth delivers more for the people who live here. We can invest in creating more opportunities for people here in Scotland and safeguard our public services from the impact of Westminster cuts.

‘In contrast, important new information is emerging from the No campaign – information that is moving people, in particular Labour voters, from No to Yes in increasing numbers.

“We now know for certain that a No vote will mean no extra job-creating powers for Scotland. That means the only opportunity we have to get the job-creating powers we need is a Yes vote.’

“We also now know that a No vote will not give our NHS any protection from the knock-on effects of English health privatisation. If charges for patients increase, as Labour in England warn, or funding is squeezed, as Labour in Wales say, then Scotland’s budget will suffer and that is bad news for our NHS.”

“It is a risk too far for our health service and sends a very clear signal of the importance of a Yes vote on the 18th.

“The momentum in this campaign is beyond any doubt with Yes – more and more people are coming down on the side of independence, including an increasing number of traditional Labour voters.

“The message we are hearing across Scotland is that people who were reluctant No voters are moving to Yes. They know this is an opportunity that is too good to miss to put Scotland’s future – our vast wealth and resources - in Scotland’s hands.”