Four-legged friend was a familiar sight in field

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A FOND farewell has been bade to a horse which had become a much-loved part of a village’s community.

Prelly, a rare spotted Appaloosa horse, died earlier this month at the age of 24, after losing a year-long battle with liver disease.

Prelly had lived in Torrance for 23 years since being shipped over from the US as a year-old foal.

The eye-catching animal lived in a field next to a public walkway and was ridden around the village regularly - becoming a familiar sight, especially amongst school children who used to argue about which one of them owned him.

In fact, Lesley McMillan (47) was Prelly’s last owner, and credits the horse with helping her through the darkest period of her life.

Lesley said: “I’d known Prelly since he arrived in the village and used to ride him. Around four years ago his original owner gifted him to me.

“Six years ago my husband, Martin, died in a house fire in our house in Kelvindale.

“I lost everything and was completely devastated, but Prelly was there to help me through my hard times.

“He was a real gentle giant and I was able to ride him until a year ago.”

She added: “I still forget he’s gone. He was a great horse and I miss him so much.”

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