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I AM responding to the letter (April 25), from Jennifer R. Campbell regarding the charge of £20 to renew the blue badge.

Ms Campbell appears to take issue with the fact that disabled motorists are being asked to pay a modest fee, every three years, in order to be guaranteed free and convenient parking.

This works out, if my calculations are correct, at approximately 0.5475 pence per day over a three year period. This doesn’t strike me as utterly unreasonable; especially at a time when all of us are seeing our salaries, in real terms, plummet, due to inflation, and/ or wage freezes.

As someone who has worked in social care for much of the last 16 years, I am always concerned when those with disabilities appear to be marginalised or unfairly treated. This is not one of those occasions,

Nick Gall,

Cumroch Road,


I REFER to the outrage regarding dog poo on graves within the Old Aisle Cemetery in Kirkintilloch.

Perhaps we should be sure what we are complaining about and why this situation is occurring.

It’s not dog poo, it’s FOX SCAT.

And before you all start shouting for a cull of foxes, just let’s remember that for generations, foxes have been able to roam and breed freely in the area of the old Woodilee Hospital until the new building started. Obviously they have been displaced and have to go somewhere and the Old Aisle is one of the few green spaces left in this area. It is also very much our fault that we encourage foxes to come into our gardens by feeding them so we cannot complain because they move closer to houses and mess in our gardens.

Building in the area is at an all-time high, eating into the countryside.

The few people who are so far living in Woodilee Village are complaining bitterly about the lack of infrastructure (school and nursery places etc) to accommodate their families and there are hundreds more houses still to be built.

Lenzie residents are nearly demented about the plethora of incoming cars parked whose owners are commuting to Glasgow.

Joined-up thinking at a local government planning level has not been much in evidence in the order of building , and much stricter terms must be applied to any building project to provide an appropriate time scale for completing infrastructure, inconveniencing new residents as little as possible, and applying huge penalties to the developers if they do not comply.

So if people aren’t accommodated by the planning process, just think how the displaced animals must be coping. AND REMEMBER, WE SHARE THIS PLANET WITH MORE SPECIES THAN OURSELVES

But the real villain of the peace is the Scottish Government who will not be content until every blade of grass is concreted over in the name of MONEY.

Just look at the raft after raft of planning applications for more and more houses etc. that have been thrown out at a local level, only to be sent on appeal by the developers to the Scottish Government Reporter, almost always having their applications granted at this level. Disgraceful!

So instead of complaining that some poor fox is taking advantage of a small piece of greenspace near its ancestral hunting-ground, lets say NO to inappropriate housing, road or other type of planning application that does not please us and try to get back to some sort of normality and sense, with room for all species to live.

You can certainly do that at the ballot box. Alex Salmond’s lot are poisoning Scotland in their attempt to get us into Europe !

Patricia Stewart

Kirksyde Avenue,


WITHIN the recent Kirkintilloch Herald I’ve read with interest articles regarding the lack of nursery places at Lenzie Primary nursery.

My son attends a fantastic nursery which is less than a quarter of a mile away from Lenzie nursery and I’m wondering whether parents within the area are even aware of its existence.

Merlwood nursery has been within the Lenzie Scout Hall for the past 10 years and has the most wonderful and caring ladies running it.

My son currently attends Merlwood Nursery two mornings a week and another nursery for the other three days, however, because of his enthusiasm and love for attending Merlwood, as of August I’ll be switching him to five mornings a week.

I would really like other parents to know that there are other nursery options out there - and fantastic ones at that!

P. Davey

(via e-mail)

SEVERAL years ago the council tried to sell our Woodhead Park to Tesco for a mega store.

Remember people power won! The William Patrick Library was also gifted to the people of Kirkintilloch.

The council now intend to pull it apart to make a hub. We shall be left with hardly any library facilities at all. This is ridiculous for a town the size of Kirkintilloch.

They have already sold off our new mobile library. How are the frail and elderly and nursing homes going to get books? There will be no pleasure in a decimated building.

Have we still got people power? We should not be paying full council tax when we are losing our library!

It would seem that these decisions are made by many councillors outwith the town who are not using or losing these facilities.

People are losing jobs. If we must have more cuts and lose more services, do we really need so many people at the top? I heard once that our chief executive got as much as a prime minister, who governs the whole country.

In times of austerity, do we really need a chief executive, a council leader, a deputy council leader, a provost, a deputy provost and so many more heads of departments.

Name and address supplied

WOULD it not make more sense, instead of ruining our library at the William Patrick Library, to put this huge amount of money spent upgrading our library into upgrading our town hall.

The town hall could house the required community hub, which would be equally convenient. I think most people in Kirkintilloch would support this. Out walking one day on the canal, I visited Maryhill Burgh Hall.

What a fantastic job has been done to this old building. Of course they had the council behind them!

What a difference it would make to our town hall if we had our council behind this project right from the start. This project could have been up and running by now.

Name and address supplied

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