Free roadshow for dog owners

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If you are a dog owner or are considering becoming one, why not go along to Milngavie Town Hall next Monday (July 24) to find out more about how to care for your pooch.

The council, in partnership with the Dogs Trust, is holding the free roadshow between 11am and 3pm to promote all aspects of responsible dog ownership.

As well as finding out about the legal implications of owning a dog and the importance of training and socialisation, a veterinary nurse from the Dogs Trust will also be on hand to carry out a general assessment of your dog’s health and will be offering free micro chipping and nail clipping.

Depute Council Leader Gillian Renwick said: “This is a great opportunity for dog owners to get free access to advice on all aspects of taking care of pets responsibly.

“From legal requirements to information on pet insurance and recognising signs of ill health, all questions will be answered by the team who have a wealth of experience in caring for dogs.

“I would encourage all dog owners and anyone interested in getting a dog to take advantage of this opportunity and pop into the roadshow.”

Information will be available on:

The change in the law regarding compulsory micro chipping

The legal requirement of keeping the microchip owner information up to date

The legal requirement for collar and tag

The legal requirement to pick up after your dog

The importance of proper training/socialisation to prevent anti-social behavior

How to be safe around dogs

The importance of the five freedoms (Freedom from hunger and thirst; discomfort; pain, injury or disease; fear and distress and freedom to express normal behaviour.)

The team will also provide health & wellbeing advice including promoting the importance of:

Taking out pet insurance

Registering with a vet


Maintaining a healthy weight

Recognising signs of ill health

Regular flea/worm treatment

Annual vaccinations.